Friday, August 5, 2011

Iove me some pantheon!

catacombs. 7 million more like this!

Dreyfus, I accuse you of having lots of Children!

yes, but where is nelson algreen?

seine at sunset

I think I need a new teapot.

was this supposed to be a public urinal?

the good life?

when you are young and in love, why not handcuff yourself together?

forget your makeup? don't worry. they sell it on the metro

they had very sad concentration camp memorials in pere lachaise

Oscar Wilde much?

Proust much?

Jim Morrison much?

why yes. that is a chocolate elephant. it was about two and q half feet tall.

air show dealings are helped by a full bar!

hey bird. why are you eating my lunch?

everyone move. the plane is coming

air show detritus

this man was kissing the RAt in his hands

the long shadows at sunset of Jessica and myself.

this years keep off the grass picture

one avenue in the gardens

hall of Morrirors panorama

smoking at versailes

versailles gardens. all kinda of cool sculptures in all the little squares

Versailles entrance

not so fast, Paris france. our corn just may outgrow your tower

those souvenirs are not real? WTF?

the view from the top!

the view beneath the eifel tower

WTF, an outdoor escalator?

the future mrs Garchik and The pont and the eifel tower

Paris at 7am. eifel tower

I like this pont bit hakem

other side of notre dame

notre damme sunset

who is the tan guy supposed to be?

I so wish I could wear this, ESP with my new hat

I want one for my toilet!

my new awesome free hat!

why have chips with your cheesebrger when you can have.

Jessica and I, patisserie viennoise

patisserie veienoisse. breakfast...

jessi and I, tower eifel

eiffel tower sunset

Jessica, Eiffel tower base

beautiful Paris roadkill

louvre at sunset

Jessica and I at the louvre