Friday, July 29, 2011

don't ask mentor I got there. I said..

Thats old stuff

my port drinking days may be over? do they shave their legs?

Porto again!


all tiles in blue and white..

The world’s greatest bookshops - travel tips and articles - Lonely Planet

apparently I've been to three of the top 4. does that make me a book nerd?


maybe if i had a track, I wouldn't mind reahelving

awesome bookstore! libra lello in Oporto!

did I tell you how I feel about pigeons?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

this picture doesn't do this justice...

why have only one octopus when you can have 2?

the cathedral...

there lies saint James...

racist? no, it's just a catholic tradition!

the bike is off to wales....

fine milkshake....

the certificate line...

oh yeah, I had a good time...

compostela at last...

I miss France where I knew why they built monuments

yummy, breakfast

finally, an auto shop that's also a butcher shop!

do you have anything without pork? oh, you have squid!

Monday, July 25, 2011

gyro burger, meet your match. yes, that us a fried egg on my hamburger!

one of those small towns..

an of course, animals on parade. 4

the last 10 miles today were amazing...super pretty small towns.

see the old town?

they moved the town cause of the new reservoir...

almost there!!!

slow news day, Darth?

a vending machine for milk. nice!

this suggests more hills....

art in my hotel in Sarria. comments?

what a strange crop that is!

gas station? or monastery?

my new friends.

I had to go down there...

I came from down there...


he isnt real, just a statue

lost in the fog, o cerbreiro...

I went to mass here. it was built in the 800s!

another good peach

I kept running into these guys...

o cerbreiro! why have you forsaken me!

I guess the view was ok

that one?

oh, you mean that road?

I think this was in villafranaca?

Templars castle!