Wednesday, August 10, 2011

these belong to the blue man

animals on parade - toad

bike ride in wales on a sunken road

bye bye bike

pint at the seashore

animals on parade - cows

pentre ifan with background

Pentre ifan panorama

pentre ifan

telephone booth or library?

wild stallions and a colt. and prolly a mare. and the moor

my bike made it! and my new wellies

cliffs in wales

beach in wales

fencing 2

moor on the right, meadow on the left. welcome to fencing

the moor panorama

sheep in the moor, animals on parade

less is the moor

monkey puzzle up close

a monkey puzzle tree

attack of the giant rhubarb!

now I know what a cress sandwich is. gross!

daunts books in London

excuse me. just how hot is your porridge?

that poster is made of socks

that's classy, London cops.

the coppers on horseback

what do I do if I hate arsenal???

tottenham is the greatest thing the world has ever seen (American song 2)

when the spurs go marching in (american song number 1)

the pitch panorama

not much room through the turnstiles

pre-riot sky before the game at white hart lane

this guy was selling DVDs out of that suitcase

that's right, spurs fans. get your tottenham on with this belly button pierce.

I wonder if be ever consults with dr. j, or with dr. hook?

yes, but will they bogo pogo?

rule Britannia!

and my naZi bashing was always subcontracted...

for those truly naughty

one army guy got 700 lashes. ouch!

last year 'twas the ta Lawrence motorbike. this year napoleons horse

the shopping is delivered and coded by color of handle for the grocery bag

yummy English beer

international. really?

10 PTs for griffindor if you can identify the languages spoken in this video...


before weeding