Sunday, July 17, 2011

one day to rest

Tuesday is an official day off. i got a good deal On a hotel with a hot tub. I'll be needing some laundry, some more extra strength Tylenol, and some chapatick. then, the cliffs of insanity. oh, sorry. the mountains of Leon.

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why didn't you remind me????

remind me never to do 80 miles in a day again.


I was trying to record vid while riding about 20 mph, and this guy was telling me where to go. so much for multi tasking...

apparently you can do a pace line while hauling bags. I actually passes these guys going about 25. the only time I appreciated road gearing...

Burgos, 8 am, Sunday. busy much?

Burgos. believe the hype!

see? Burgos is cool!

die schnellmacher has seen better days...

how did they know I wanted one?

WTF are these?