Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the guy on the left is Miguel indurain's mechanic. he fixed my bike. it was cool!

ponte la reina. this turned out better than I thought.

eunate, finally on the camino..

12th rule. when building the stands, be sure toake sure they drain...

after the penas. what white shirt?

11th rule. your bucket stays when it's empty.

9th rule. eat with your fingers. seafood ok. Mac and cheese, also ok

see rule 9

8th rule. glass bottles? beefeater gin? also encouraged.

seventh rule. bring enough alcohol to throw. cocktail sauce? tomato soup? gazpazcho? tomato juice? idk

sixth rule? beer cans are allowed. and can be thrown

fourth rule? you can bring you own band. it helps if they play smoke on the water.

third rule of the penas? bring your own sangria. in any container. buckets preferred.

second rule? this is sitting in the sun.

first rule of the penas? you can bring your milk!

ticketmasrer even runs the bull ring sales..

where do we put the portopotties? why not by the communistas!

Monday, July 11, 2011

bad vid of me with the can't seem them.

cafe iruna, another hemmingway haunt...

mullet or dreads? I want both!

the running of the bulls scorecard...

the Pens at Pamplona....

Pamplona at dawn...

this crappy vid makes no sense

this whole deal was over so incredibly fast.... I ran a bit, but basically stayed the he'll out of the way. the crowd is furious. like a who concert.

another view of the bull run streets in the afternoon. note the barriers..

which one is a better deal?

who wants some ham legs? for sale at the neighborhood store..

the path to the bull ring. note the barriers...

this is where you can shower at the San fermin. public showers, bag checking. it's all there!

for 9 days, this place is open 24 hours. to check your bag.

which one is my hotel? nice neighborhood...

the mysterious calle z. once again, google maps is spot on!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

the schnellmacher lives! the last set of road directions of the day

that's what melted gummy bears look like when they get melted by sweat.

this is what my day looked like. clouds, mountains and rain

a pretty town way the f up in the hills...

me licking the melted gummy bears off of the iPhone.

nothing around for miles except.... a helipad!

ten things from today's ride...

1 crash. I dropped the chain and didnt unclip in time. rookie mistake.
2 great conversations in Spanish with locals I passes in the mountains. awesome country.
3 1.5l bottles of water. good thing I remembered to get another one when my first ran out. not a rookie mistake.
4 slugs. big black ones. I hate slugs.
5 pictures taken. good ones, I mean. I felt like I was on the set of black narcissus.
6 am. what time I started this am.
7 groups of sheep passed. stay tuned for video.
8 pm. my first hotel mini bar raided, I'm opting for the dinner at the hotel restaurant. I haven't had hot food since last Tuesday afternoon.

other than that, I'm alive, and headed to Pamplona tomorrow..

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