Friday, July 8, 2011

really an amazing building

not such a nice hotel tonight... between two freeways and the train

I guess it's chasing the cat?

ok, ok, Richard sera has impressed me!

oh, that's what this is supposed to be about...

I think I need to watch this German Birman movie again

ants eating honey shaped like the world. um. yum?

a prop in a movie about German hit men. yeah. modern art.

the atrium.

nice cat, no?

the approach to the museo...

the museo. and el gato!

why take one kid on the subway when you can take three AND their dog?

an entire freaking bucket of ice. amazing.

ten things I learned about Spain in 48 hours.

1. I was wrong. there arent hills. there are mountains. oops.
2. I can get an entire bowl of ice at a good hotel. wtf, France?
3. I can barely speak Spanish, which I knew. I didnt know I had to speak basque and Galician.
4. it's ok to wear shorts.
5. not everywhere has sangria.
6. el sobre. that means envelope. I can buy them at the tobacco store. WTF, America?
7. gummy brains? tbd. I'll update you all asap.
8. it's not as hot as I expected. nontheless, I did have ice cream for dinner.
9. the Guggenheim Bilbao was amazing. lots of art about genetalia, but the perfect building makes up for it.
10. is that a cat made out of flowers? yes, it most certainly is.

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but it wa pretty at night...

did I say there were mountains?

Monday, July 4, 2011

off to Spain

today it's Portsmouth, then off to Spain tonight on the afternoon boat. 1 week of dolt dallying, then compostella. good times ahead.

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4 times fast London tower bridge closing

Waterloo station

anoother metal man

tower bridge opened up

the garbage floats downriver

this boat got the tower ridge opened

east or west, prime meridian

Wolfe, then victor of Quebec

Greenwich view of London

protest much? pre Olympic protest practice

proper fish and chips

the Thames


the bog vine at Hampton

the cover for the vines roots...

Hampton court long view

Hampton court gardens

garden much?